Happy Happy Week 3

Happy Happy
Week 3-  Mine, Mine, Mine à His, His, His

So if you have missed the past couple of weeks, we have been in a series called “Happy, Happy, Happy” where we are looking at this issue of …

Happy Happy Happy Week 2

Happy, Happy, Happy
2 – More, More, More –> Enough, Enough, Enough
11/17/13 (MS)

So we started a brand new series last week called “Happy, Happy, Happy” where we are taking a look at entitlement versus contentment.  And those aren’t …

Happy Happy Happy Week 1

“Happy, Happy, Happy”
Week 1
11/10/13 (MS)

Well, tonight we begin a new series. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and of a show that has recently become popular, we are calling it Happy, Happy, Happy. This is a phrase that …