Life Hurts God Heals 4

Life Hurts… God Heals
4 – Honestly Examine and Confess
10/23/13 (HS)

Even though this is a tough topic and series I’ve been very encouraged by your response to it.  I think one of the reasons we’ve had such a …

Life Hurts God Heals 3

Life Hurts… God Heals
3 – Depend on Christ
10/16/13 (HS)

Let’s get to it tonight.  We’re in week three of our “Life Hurts, God Heals” series and we have said every week that everybody in here, it doesn’t matter …

Life Hurts God Heals 2

Life Hurts… God Heals
2 – Open Your Heart
10/9/13 (HS)

So we started a new series last week called “Life Hurts God Heals” – and what we are trying to do is be honest about the hurt and pain …

Life Hurts God Heals- 1

Life Hurts… God Heals

1 – Get Help: Admit I’m Not God

10/2/13 (HS)

There is something that I’d have to admit I wasn’t totally prepared for in ministry and it is this… dealing with other people’s pain.  In fact, …

Flipped Ego-3

Flipped Ego
3 – I’m Always Right
9/18/13 (HS)

So we kicked off this semester with a new series that I’m calling, “Flipped Ego.”  And the big idea behind this series is that most of us struggle with our ego.  …

::Flipped Ego Week 2

Flipped Ego
2 – I’m in control
9/10/13 (HS)

We started a brand new series last week that I’m calling flipped ego.  An ego is who we think we are; it’s what we think about ourselves.  And unfortunately, so many …

::Flipped Ego

Flipped Ego
1 – I’m not good enough
9/4/13 (HS)
I’m pretty pumped about what God has in store for us this semester in koinonia.  But first let me say, what an awesome job you guys did last week in …

::Don’t Waste Your Life

Don’t Waste Your Life
7 – More Precious Than Life
7/24/13 (HS)
I missed being with you guys last week as I was away with our middle school team and students at camp.  It was an awesome week and God …

:: Ask Anything

6 – Sharing Faith
It’s hard to believe that the semester is almost over and the summer is almost here.  I know you guys are excited.  Can I challenge you to something tonight?  I want you to finish well …