Risk & Reward :: 8/20/14 – koinonia

Risk & Reward
8/20/14 – koinonia

Have you every really thought about the risks you take every day?  We can start simple like drinking the milk before really smelling it.  Been there before right?  Or just driving in Tallahassee… we

Identity :: Week 9

9: hello, my name is loved. – 5/21/14

By now, you should be able to finish this statement… it’s been our big idea in this series: what you believe will determine how you behave. This identity series has been …

Identity :: Week 8

Week 8: hello, my name is free. – 5/14/14
We are nearing the end of the semester and I’m sure you’re excited about that.  And that means we just have a few weeks left in this identity series where

Identity :: Week 7

Week 7: hello, my name is gifted. – 5/7/14
We continue tonight in our Identity series by asking the question, “Who am I?”  We’ve said each week that this is a question that you are constantly searching out the

Identity :: Week 6

Week 6: hello, my name is warrior. – 4/30/14

For the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about our identity by trying to say, “Hello, my name is ____.”  We’ve looked at a good number of things that shape …

Identity :: Week 5

Week 5: hello, my name is temple. – 4/23/14
We are continuing in our series on Identity tonight by again trying to fill in the blanks of “Hello, my name is ____.”  What I’ve been saying each week is

Identity :: Week 4

Hello, my name is Royal – 4/16/14

On April 29, 2011 Catherine Middleton married Prince William, Duke of Cambridge at Westminster Abbey in London, England. The occasion was a public holiday in the United Kingdom, featured many ceremonial aspects (including …

Identity :: Week 3

3: hello, my name is alien. – 4/9/14

Most of you have hit some of the most critical years of your life where you will likely wrestle the hardest to find the answer to this one question: “Who am …

Identity :: Week 2

2: hello, my name is adopted. – 4/2/14

We are trying to answer one of the most important questions I think any of us will answer in our lives and it is this: Who do you think you are?  

Identity :: Week 1

1: hello, my name is new creation – 3/26/14

If I gave you a blank badge that said, “hello, my name is _________” I’m guessing you wouldn’t have too much trouble filling it in.  You’d put your name on the …