Facebook Official :: Week 6

6 – Status: Open Relationship (3/12/14) :: High School

Here we go… our last night in our Facebook Official series.  We’ve covered a lot of ground, although I’m sure I haven’t covered everything.  What I’ve tried to do is …

Facebook Official :: Week 5

5 – Status: Married (3/5/14) :: High School

Well, let’s get right to work tonight in our “Facebook Official” series.  Each week, I’ve been taking a different status and using it to talk about God’s design when it comes …

Facebook Official :: Week 4

4 – Status: In a Relationship (2/26/14) :: High School

 I really hope that this “Facebook Official” series has been helpful for you.  I realize that it can often be a bit uncomfortable talking about love, relationships and especially …

Facebook Official :: Week 3

Status – “Single” (2/19/14)

Tonight we are entering into this third week in our “Facebook Official” series as we are using some of the relationship statuses on facebook as a launching point for our series on love, relationships and dating. …

Facebook Official :: Week 2

2 – Status: It’s Complicated (2/12/14) :: High School

Well here we are in our second week of our “Facebook Official” series.  What we are doing is using some of the statuses of FB to help us get a …

Facebook Official :: Week 1

1 – Status: Just Friends (2/5/14) :: High School

Well it is the month of love and for us here in Student Ministries that means we have an awesome opportunity to talk about love… and more.  In this series we …

Assumptions – Week 4

Week 4 – God Will Not Give You More Than You Can Handle (1/29/14)

Well tonight we are going to wrap up this series we have been calling “Assumptions”.  Each week we’ve taken some phrases that we’ve all heard …

Assumptions – Week 2

2 – God Helps Those Who Help Themselves (1/15/14)

Last week we started a brand new series called “Assumptions”.  It has everything to do with what God actually said and not necessarily what we think He’s said or we’ve just …

Assumptions – Week 1

Week 1 – You Can’t Judge Me (1/8/14)

We start a brand new series for this brand new year that I’m calling “Assumptions”.  You guys know what an assumption is right?  See what I did there?  I assumed you …

Life Hurts God Heals 8

Life Hurts… God Heals
8 – Share Your Scars
11/20/13 (HS)

Life hurts.  Even as a Christian Jesus never promised anybody they’d have a pain free life.  As a matter of fact Jesus said, “In this world you will have