How to Raise Your Parents: Week 4

How to Raise Your Parents 4 – Withdrawals and Deposits 10/4/15 Podcast Two big withdrawals that will cause pain in your relationship with your parents… 1.  Disrespect 2.  Disobedience  …read more.

Jonah: Week 4

Jonah: God’s Mercy is Relentless 4 – Our Fickle Heart 5/3/15 (MS) Podcast Key Scripture: Jonah 4 1.  God calls us to forgive like we have been forgiven “For if you…read more.

Jonah: Week 1

Jonah: God’s Mercy is Relentless 1 – The Jonah in the Mirror 4/12/15 – MS Podcast Key Scripture: “Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and call out against it,…read more.