You Are What You Eat: Week 2

You Are What You Eat
2 – Impurity Injures
4/29/15 (HS)



Key Scripture: “Don’t waste your energy striving for perishable food like that. Work for the food that sticks with you, food that nourishes your lasting life, food

Suit Up: Week 10

Suit Up: MS Summer 2014
10 – Prayer

We are finishing up our Make War summer Wildlife series tonight. I hope you have been encouraged in your faith and also challenged to see that this life we are living

Suit Up: Week 9

Suit Up: MS Summer 2014
9 – Sword of the Spirit

War… it’s very real and if you are keeping up with any of the news over the last few weeks, you know that our world right now is

Suit Up: Week 6

Suit Up: MS Summer 2014
6 – Boots of the Gospel of Peace

Make war… most of us if we are honest really don’t want to go into war.  I never served in the military.  I love our country

Suit Up: Week 5

Suit Up: MS Summer 2014
5 – Body Armor of Righteousness

So it is great to be back with you guys tonight.  If by chance you haven’t been around, we’re in the middle of a series that we are …

Suit Up: Week 4

Suit Up: MS Summer 2014
6/29/14 – Belt of Truth

Read Ephesians 6:10-20

We’ve been learning about spiritual warfare, and tonight we will start looking at the specific pieces of the Armor of God. The first part mentioned is the …

Suit Up: Week 2

Suit Up: MS Summer 2014
2 – The Enemy: Outside 6/8/14
Make war. Sounds pretty macho, maybe a bit exciting… I mean, who doesn’t like a good battle.  But ask anyone who has truly experienced war and they will correct

SUIT UP :: Week 1

Suit Up: MS Summer 2014
1 – Why War? 6/1/14

Welcome to Summer Wildlife 2014! And a special welcome to our new 6th graders. We’re excited about what God has in store for us this summer. Our summer has a …

Identity :: Week 6

Week 6: hello, my name is warrior. – 4/30/14

For the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about our identity by trying to say, “Hello, my name is ____.”  We’ve looked at a good number of things that shape …