Mission: Tallahassee Updates

Thank you for supporting our middle school ministry’s Mission Tallahassee 2019. We have been training, praying and preparing and are excited about what God will do in us and through us on this year’s mission.  

Click here for our Tallahassee Prayer Guide… as we believe this trip is fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit and sustained by those who will join us in prayer. Here you will also find daily recaps and photos of all that we are doing so be sure to check in with us! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Mission Tally :: Day 4

It’s hard to believe another Mission Tally has come and gone!  We started with our tradition of our Big Awesome Breakfast up at the Student Center.  Although, we started with a smaller group, as a handful of our students had to return to school or had school orientation this morning.  But before you knew it, we were loaded up in the vans yet again to head downtown to our last serving project.  This morning we met some new friends that we haven’t served before – the PHI Center.  They are one of the few pregnancy centers in town that offer Christian counsel and alternatives to abortion.  After hearing about their ministry, we were assigned a big project – cleaning the entire facility!  Our students and leaders rose to the challenge and got after it!  We learned that most of ministry is done behind the scenes and is rarely seen, and we learned that serving Jesus can even be done through cleaning.  We also had part of the group sorting donations and clothes.  True to our values, we gathered at the end to pray over the PHI Center and their ministry.

Next up was another special tradition.  With our lunches in hand, we headed to our Capitol.  All the way up to the observatory on the 22nd floor we went to eat our lunches together and then hear a message on loving and serving our city.  From there we broke into our prayer groups and went window to window (facing each side of town) and prayed over our city, for our churches, schools, government and any other needs that came to mind.  We are all learning that “more things are wrought by prayer that this world dreams of.”  And we believe in the power of prayer – that God can change and impact our city through the Gospel and our lives!
To bring Mission Tally to a close, we decided to have some fun together.  We headed over to Hangar 38 to celebrate another awesome year of serving on Mission Tally.  Bowling, arcade games and friends made for a great afternoon and fun way to close out our mission together.  But before pick-up, we had one last chance to finish our team time together and final session learning on how we surrender our lives to Jesus.  We talked over the mission and prayed that God would continue to use us – especially as our students head to a different mission field – their schools.  One thing we know for sure is this… the mission never ends!

Mission Tally :: Day 3

Mission Tally Day 3 was a scorcher!  It was hot, but God gave us shade to work in for the majority of our day.  Despite it being hot out, the team did a great job hanging in there and giving their best effort.  We started our day at the Chelsea House, a home for women and children that are in difficult situations and need a place to land.  We have served here since our very first Mission Tally, and we are always grateful to return.  We had multiple projects – weed pulling and cleaning up flower beds, cleaning and organizing the back porch, washing and cleaning their ministry van, removing old fencing, moving mulch and repurposing flower beds.  We were glad to do whatever we could do to support this important ministry.

Next up was a special tradition.  We had lunch at Lake Ella, near the heart of our city.  This is a melting pot of a location during the day – with many of our cities homeless and under served, as well as walkers and runners and even business people.  After lunch, we did a prayer walk around the lake.  How powerful it was to hear our middle schoolers pray for their city, churches, the lost, the downtrodden and the rest of our mission to have great Gospel impact.
Our afternoon project had our team divided.  One group headed over to The Learning Pavilion to work with the children there.  They come from all different backgrounds, but the Center specializes in working with children with special needs.  The team helped clean, organize and even got to do some arts and crafts with the kids there.  The biggest help was giving the teachers a break and a chance to focus on preparation for their upcoming school year.
The other group headed over to ECHO Outreach.  This organization also helps the least of these – those in low income situations, homelessness and others in transition.  They are a multifaceted ministry that seeks to serve the total person.  We had one big project – sort and fold dozens and dozens of bags of donated clothes.  And as we have learned with other missions, there is no clothes sorting without some sort of a fashion show.  But, eventually, with a big last push, we were able to get the job done.
Every place and location we serve, we always seek to learn about the mission and vision of the organization, but then especially important to us is to pray for each organization before we leave.  We always circle up and one of our student leads in prayer.
At our team time tonight, we kept learning what it means to surrender all areas of our hearts and lives to God.  This is key to our faith and why these students and leaders are giving their last week of summer vacation to serve.  We want to surrender our time, talents, abilities and lives in service of our great God.  Thanks for continuing to follow our mission and pray for us!  Pray that we would finish well tomorrow!

Mission Tally :: Day 2

So Day 2 has come and gone.  Our days have been very full and the team has done a great job working hard, staying focused and encouraging one another in the work.  Our days start pretty early and after breakfast, we all have our Time Alone With God (TAWG).  It is so encouraging to see middle schoolers learn to open their Bible and listen for God and then connect with Him in prayer.  We want them to grow in their ability and desire to spend time in the Word.

From our host homes, we were off to our morning project.  We all joined forces together at Westminster Oaks to serve the residents there.  Despite the vast age difference, there was an immediate bond between our team and the elderly residents in the assisted living facility.  We divided into three teams to be more effective.  We each went different directions but with the same goal – love and serve the residents.  One team started working with the facilities crew helping with some cleaning.  The other two teams went to different floors to participate in activity time.  From songs, to games, to conversations – we enjoyed getting to know and engage with the residents.  Before we knew it, it was lunch time so we all started wheeling them to the dining hall.  We then got to take individual orders and then deliver the food.  We so enjoyed our experience that it was hard to say goodbye.  But we know that we can always return to serve!
It was time for our lunch so we headed over to the Miccosukee Greenway and got to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation before our afternoon project.  But we didn’t get much time before we needed to head to Miccosukee Hills, a familiar place to many of us.  Our fellow church member, Jackie, lives there and coordinates the ministry.  MH is a community for those who are disabled and on a fixed income.  All of the residents live independently, but still need a helping hand.  So we went to the different residents ready to serve however best we could.  We cleaned, organized, sorted, moved items and took out the trash.  But for us, it was awesome to build relationships and then have the opportunity to pray with our new friends.
We had a bit of time left in our schedule, so we loaded up and headed back to the church to help rake the playground for the start of preschool.  We also moved a big pile of sand into our Octoball pit.  The team worked really hard in some hot conditions.  Which made the next part of our evening so much better!  We were off to our annual Mission Tally dinner and pool party (Thanks Collins!)  We had a great dinner and before you know it we were in the pool.  Then we had our team time and evening session and small groups.
We ask three questions in all of our mission experiences: What went well today?, What didn’t go well today? and Where did you see God today?  These questions help us share stories and frame out our day.  But more than anything, we are learning to see God throughout our day and appreciate His presence.  Please continue to pray for us as we finish serving Mission Tally.  And don’t forget you can follow along on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) for photos!

Mission Tally :: Day 1

We are on our third and final mission trip of the summer.  Our 6th and 7th grade students have been training with our other teams all summer long to prepare to share and show the Gospel right here where God planted us in Tallahassee.  This week will take us all over the city to many of our partner ministries as we seek to share the Gospel in word and in deed.This morning, after check-in and orientation, we loaded up to head to one of our favorites – A Women’s Pregnancy Center.  But rather than serving at their downtown location, we were sent over to serve at their warehouse connected to their Belly Boutique.  This is a place where moms who carried their babies can receive support and supplies.  We were working in some hot conditions, but the students did great serving.  We were given projects from organizing, sorting, bagging diapers, moving pallets worth of baby food, spray painting and then some!  It was awesome to see the students divide up to tackle these projects.  We also had an opportunity to hear about this important ministry and then pray for them before we left.

It was then back to the Student Center for lunch and an afternoon project that has become a yearly one for Mission Tally.  Our Mission Nicaragua team just returned and each year all of the camp supplies have to be unpacked, sorted and put away for next year.  This is a huge undertaking and a big blessing to our Nica team.  From all of the arts and craft supplies, to sports and donated items.  The Tally team tackled it no problem and then even had time to help clean out and organize our closet of doom (unofficial name) in the Student Center.

From there, we were off to serve at our annual Our Father’s Storehouse (OFS) Back to School Bash.  This is their largest event of the year with over 300 backpacks with school supplies loaded in ready to give out to those in need in our city.  We manned various stations from balloons, snow cones, popcorn, bounce house, grocery distribution, car delivery, counseling/praying with guests and clean up.  Most encouraging to watch was our students who partnered up with one of our adults to counsel and pray with our guests.  It was so cool to see them applying what they learned in mission training.

After OFS, we had dinner (thanks food team!) and our team time and small groups.  This year, we are looking at what it means to surrender our everything to God and keep Him as our first priority.  We finished the night with an ice cream bar before heading to our host homes.