Mission: Tallahassee Updates

Thank you for supporting our middle school ministry’s Mission Tallahassee 2018.  We have been training, praying and preparing and are excited about what God will do in us and through us on this year’s mission.  

Click here for our Tallahassee Prayer Guide… as we believe this trip is fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit and sustained by those who will join us in prayer. Here you will also find daily recaps and photos of all that we are doing so be sure to check in with us! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

DAY 4 – Friday

Today was our final day of Mission Tally 2018. This is always bittersweet because the team has really come together and have been doing a great job. Today we started off with our Huge Awesome Breakfast… a tradition that started at our first Mission Tally. The team prepped pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, cinnamon rolls and then all the leftovers from the host home breakfasts. True to form, we couldn’t finish all of it.

But we were loaded up with energy and ready to go, however, we departed with a much smaller team.  Due to school schedules, a few of our students actually had to start class on Friday and a good majority of the others had orientation in the morning.  We were small, but mighty and started tackling landscaping at the Alzheimer’s Project.  This organization is a new one for us to serve and after landscaping, we were excited to learn about what they do.  Many of us have had grandparents affected and it was so cool to know there are resources and help available right here in town.  After our outside work, we were excited to walk over to St. Paul’s to find out how we would continue to serve.  We learned that we would be joining their day program and meeting their clients.  We came in during music time and then were paired up with a client for their craft time.  It was so awesome to see our students – despite the age difference – making friends and investing in the lives of those present.  After crafts, we went to the chapel for their music therapy time, but before it started, some of our team did their own music on the piano!  We were sad to have to leave, but were grateful to make some new friends.
Most of the team rejoined us for our annual visit to the capitol.  Up to the 22nd floor we went for lunch together and then a time of teaching from Todd about loving our city and seeing our city with the eyes of Christ.  We went window to window each direction in our groups and prayed over that side of town.  We are praying for God to do a mighty work in our city and use us to love and serve our city.
We finished our week of hard work by having some fun together… skating at Skate World.  There is nothing that builds a team more than some fun together!  And we certainly had some fun – skating, playing some games, laughing and enjoying one another.
We wrapped our last session at the church and looked at how we as believers should have supernatural power with the Holy Spirit working in and through us.  And that really is our prayer coming off of Mission Tally.  We want to see God continue the work in and through us that He started.  And we know that just because Mission Tally has ended… that doesn’t mean that our mission here is over.  We want to keep living on mission for Jesus!

DAY 3 – Thursday

Well, it’s hard to believe we are on Day 3 already of serving here at Mission Tally.  The students are really settling into a rhythm of the mission and it’s exciting to see them catch a vision for their city and growing in their faith individually and as a team.  They are growing in their desire to spend time with the Lord and growing in their boldness in prayer and sharing with those they are coming in contact with.  Each night we debrief where we saw God as work that day and the responses are encouraging.  They are seeing more and more with their spiritual eyes and listening with their spiritual ears.

This morning, both of our teams had a similar experience serving two different ministries with similar goals.  Our first team headed down to campus to serve AWPC (A Women’s Pregnancy Center).  This team did some hard work refreshing their landscaping by weeding, planting new plants and laying pine straw.  The work was hard but they all did a great job working together to accomplish the goal.  Then they were able to gather and pray over this important ministry that focuses primarily on the college students here in town that are facing unplanned pregnancies.
Team two served over at the PHI Center which is also a ministry to those facing pregnancy.  They too have a strategic focus on college students.  This team got to tour the facility and hear all about what they do.  While there, our students sorted and folded clothes, sanitized the toys in the facility, cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed. They also bundled diapers.
After our morning projects, we all headed over to Lake Ella to enjoy our lunch under the big tree.  Then we talked a little about the homeless community that is often found there.  We then divided into groups to prayer walk around Lake Ella.  Each group focused on praying for those in need in our city and for our city to be transformed by the Gospel.
The afternoon project led us to the Chelsea House to serve as a whole team.  Since our team is so large this year, most organizations and ministries couldn’t work all of us, so we were excited to be all together today.  After we learned about the important ministry and got a tour of the facility, we divided into groups to start serving.  One team prepared a dinner meal for the residents, another team started work on organizing the pantry, another team organized donations and cleaned the porch and then another team focused on the toiletries.  All the students were focused and hard at work.  Then when we were blessed with no rain (and cloud cover) we all moved outside to start projects.  Some weeded, others planted flowers, we created two raised vegetable planting beds, spray painted planters and more!  It was awesome serving our friends at CH and then we gathered to pray for the ministry.

We are thankful to our food team – especially when we get back to church and it is ready and waiting for us.  We are all working up a good appetite each day serving!  After dinner, we had our team time, did our study and also our small groups.  We are looking forward to our last day tomorrow and the opportunities to serve!  Thanks for reading and praying for us!

DAY 2 – Wednesday

Our days are certainly full and rewarding!  After breakfast in our host homes and our TAWG (time alone with God) we all headed to the church to get our group assignments and off we went for our morning projects.  Group 1 headed over to Miccosukee Hills – a community for elderly, low-income folks with physical needs.  We love going over there to serve and Ms. Jackie, one of the residents who attends Wildwood has made this her ministry.  She coordinates what the other residents need so teams can come in and help with cleaning, organizing or simply spending time with the residents (as most live alone).  We had the opportunity to serve some, clean up the grounds and meet and pray with residents as we pray walked.

The other group was hard at work at Hope Community.  This is a part of the Big Bend Homeless Coalition and is transitional housing to help people move from homelessness to stability.  Student Ministry teams have been serving at Hope since it was built so it is always special for us to return and see how things are.  But the best part, by far, is getting to play with the kids.  Our students jumped right in and got to know the kids and spent the morning playing with them.  Others on the team served in the kitchen and helped with the food prep for the evening meal.
Then both teams headed over to FSU to Landis Green to meet for lunch.  This was more than just a fun place to eat (and play in the fountain) – but we wanted our students to catch a vision for the 70,000 college students in town – the vast majority who don’t have a relationship with Jesus.  So after we ate together, we broke up into groups and prayed over the campus and for the college students in Tallahassee.
From there we were off to our afternoon projects.  Our first group headed over to Grace Mission, which has been serving the homeless and those in need in Tallahassee for over 20 years!  We got to hear about what they do and help them with a major project which was making toiletry kits.  We had boxes of donated items to sort and then formed an assembly line to put together these kits.  We circled up as we do at each location to pray for the work and ministry of Grace Mission before we left.  And since this group finished a bit early, they headed back to the student center and completed another task which was unpacking and sorting all the items from Mission Guatemala.  This is always a huge blessing each year for our Guatemala team and a big help for our summer missions ministry.
Our other group served the afternoon at the Leon County Extension Office.  Not only did they learn more than they ever thought possible about plant life, but they served outdoors doing some planting and weeding.  And they were troopers – they did the work they were asked to do and did it with a smile.  This was a new project for us and a great blessing for our friends there.
We finished the night with our annual cookout and pool party.  This was a great chance for the team to bond more together and just relax and have some fun.  We continue our study about the Holy Spirit and we are so encouraged to see what they are learning and putting into practice.

DAY 1 – Tuesday

Well, today was our first day of Mission Tally 2018!  We’ve got a great group of students and leaders that hit the ground running this morning as we are journeying together to love and serve our city with the Gospel.  After we gathered in the Student Center to prep and pray, we split into two teams to head to our morning projects.

Our first team headed out to our friends at Good Samaritan Network to serve at their Thrift Store.  After hearing about their ministry, getting a tour and meeting some of their leaders – we started our projects.  Some of the students started by sorting and hanging clothes, others sorted books and then others received a truck full of food for their food outreach and spent the morning unloading and putting it away.  The group worked really hard and we had an opportunity to pray over this ministry before we left.
The other half of the team served at Capital City Youth Services.  This isn’t a faith based operation, but they do work with troubled, at risk or homeless teens and our team got to learn more about what they do and who they serve.  They helped fill backpacks, did some office work and even made some deliveries of supplies around town.  This team, too, got to pray over CCYS and their outreach to teens in the area.
We all joined back at Wildwood for lunch and our first session.  We are looking this week at the Holy Spirit and His role in our lives.  We do our learning together and then break into our small groups for further discussion.
Our afternoon project kept us right at Wildwood serving at Our Father’s Storehouse Back to School Bash.  This annual event draws hundreds of families and provides school supplies, groceries and other household items to those in need right in our community and city.  We have partnered with OFS for many years now and were excited to serve again.  We prepped the event and then got our station assignments.  Some helped with kids activities – balloons, face painting, snow cones, popcorn and the bouncy house – while others carried out groceries and gave out backpacks.  But what was most encouraging was to see all of our students practice what they learned in mission training – sharing the Gospel, but sitting down with other leaders who were counseling the families.  To see our students listening to stories and praying over those in need was awesome.
We finished our day up at church with dinner, our team time, small group time and and evening activity before headed to our host homes.  It was a full day and we are off to a great start at Mission Tally.  Thanks for following along and praying for us.  If you’d like to see some pictures, you can follow our social media accounts (Instagram & Twitter) or head over to our student ministry Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/wildwoodstudents/.