SUIT UP :: Week 1

Suit Up: MS Summer 2014
1 – Why War? 6/1/14

Welcome to Summer Wildlife 2014! And a special welcome to our new 6th graders. We’re excited about what God has in store for us this summer. Our summer has a …

Wrecking Ball :: Week 5

5: Don’t Wreck Your Relationships (3/9/14) :: Middle School

We’re going to finish up our Wrecking Ball series tonight and I’m going to ask you to do something that is pretty difficult and that is to think about your …

Wrecking Ball :: Week 4

4- Don’t Wreck Your Womanhood (3/2/14) :: Middle School

Tonight we continue our Wrecking Ball series where we have been taking a Biblical look at the topics of relationships and dating and even sex – essentially how not to wreck …

Wrecking Ball :: Week 3

3: Don’t Wreck Your Manhood (2/23/14) :: Middle School

Let’s jump right in to our Wrecking Ball series.  What we are doing is taking a look at love, relationships and sex by saying this are really huge issues and …

Wrecking Ball :: Week 1

1- Don’t Wreck Love (2/9/14)

Tonight, we begin our new series for the month of February on love, dating and relationships and we have entitled it “Wrecking Ball” where we are looking at how not to let sin wreck our …

Believe It Or Not! – Week 3

3- Poor Widow: Value of Giving (1/19/14)

So if you’re just joining us, we’ve been in a series entitled “Believe it or Not” where we are looking at some maybe not as well known stories and people in the Bible …

Happy, Happy, Happy Week 4

Happy, Happy, Happy
4 – Great, Great, Great: Serve, Serve, Serve
12/1/13 (MS)

We are going to wrap up our “Happy, Happy, Happy” series tonight.  It’s been our goal in this series to help you understand the difference between entitlement …