I Am Second :: Week 7

I Am Second
Week 7: Bethany Hamilton

So after you hear from Bethany tonight, you may want to check out that movie that was made a few years ago about her story.  At age thirteen Bethany Hamilton was a

I Am Second :: Week 6

I am Second
Week 6: Jim Munroe

If you are just joining us, we have been looking at stories of people in today’s society – athletes, musicians, actors – who have made the choice to make God number one …

I Am Second :: Week 5

I Am Second
Week 5: Wayne Huizenga

There’s something that just feels wrong with not being number one isn’t there?  I mean, whether in school, athletics or just life in general… there is something within all of us that

I Am Second :: Week 4

I Am Second :: Week 4 (4/13/14)
I am Second is all about understanding our real place in this world.  And if we’re all really honest – no one wants to be second.  You don’t go into any competition, game …

I Am Second :: Week 2

I am Second :: Week 2 (3/30/14)

Last week we started a new series entitled “I Am Second”. Many of you, either if you have been with us in past years or if you have seen them online, will be …

I Am Second :: Week 1

I Am Second :: Week 1 (3/23/14)

We start a new series tonight that has been a popular one through the years. Some of you may be familiar with the “I Am Second” Movement and their videos online. And what …