Greg & Marnie Frost

SML2 Leaders

Greg and Marnie have been a part of our team for several years.  They have 3 kids: Christopher (college graduate), Kelsey (college), and Tyler (high school). Their children have been homeschooled as well as dual-enrolled at TCC and Lincoln High. Marnie loves animals and has 2 dogs, 3 chickens and 4 alpacas on about 4 acres. They all love to have kids come see them because it usually means food. The Frosts have been at Wildwood since 2000 and love it! Greg has been a Deacon for most of that time. After his retirement, the Frosts recently started an agri-business growing a Tung Oil Orchard. They try to hire farm day laborers from time to time and are always looking for hard workers among students.