Mission: Panama City Updates

Thank you for supporting our student ministry’s Mission Panama City 2019.  We have been training, praying and preparing and are excited about what God will do in us and through us on this year’s mission.  

Click here for our Panama City Prayer Guide… as we believe this trip is fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit and sustained by those who will join us in prayer. Here you will also find daily recaps and photos of all that we are doing so be sure to check in with us! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Day One



Today we got up early and went to wildwood and made our lunches. Then we drove to a state park to eat our lunches then we had previously made. We went out to the pier, and saw a turtle that we named Sheela, we also saw a baby shark that we named Gary. After lunch we packed up and headed off to our first project. At our first project we put a roof on a shed and completed other small pieces. After our project we free time, where we took a walk down to the beach and waded in the water. We also had a  team building volleyball game. At the end we closed our day with a chapter from Philippians and we learned about thanksgiving.


I’m gonna be honest, today I wasn’t super excited to go on this mission trip. I was super tired the minute I woke up. But as soon I saw the faces of my leaders and peers, excited to change lives and do the work of God, my tiredness melted away. We made our lunches and got on our way. The ride was nice, talking to friends, preparing. For me it was my first mission trip, so I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t expecting the life changing experience I can already tell this is going to be. We ate lunch at a beautiful beach view, and we saw a turtle. I wanted to name it Heffley but Londyn wanted to name it Sheela, so I guess she got her way. After lunch we headed to the work site which was not at all what I anticipated. I thought is was going to be a wide open almost construction site but instead it was a tiny house with one person there to help us. It was a very small workspace, which I guess I preferred, with one tiny shed that needed a roof. So, we went to work, pretty standard roof stuff. After about three hours the roof was complete. After, we went to the place we are staying. We ate dinner, had bible study, played sandy wet beach volleyball, took showers and we were ready for bed. It was a tiring but great day and I’m excited for the week to come. XOXO gossip girl.

Day Two



We woke up really early and left for the first house we worked at today. At the house, we assembled a shed for a lady who didn’t have enough space to put all her belongings. She was really nice and kept on giving us crackers and water the whole time. We finished the shed in a few hours and the lady was super thankful. The shed was easier to make today because we understood a little bit more about how to make it so we needed less instructions. After that, we took a small break with lunch and then we went to another house and made another shed, which was even easier than the last because we had even more experience. Then we went back to the house and played around a bit until dinner. We had tacos for dinner and they were really good. Then we went out and played beach volleyball against another group. We barely lost but it was a lot of fun. Then we went into group time and Hallie taught the lesson. Her lesson was about being humble. I thought the lesson was very good. Then we went into small groups and then we played around a little bit until bed. Overall the day was really good and I felt like we were able to impact others through making the sheds.


We started our day at 7:30 this morning, we ate breakfast and then did our TAWGS (time alone with God). After that we headed out to our first project, there we put together a shed for and elderly woman who need more storage. We set that shed up in around 3/3.5 hours. After lots of breaks and hard work, we finished the shed and ate lunch. After lunch we headed to the second worksite. At the second worksite, we did the same thing, we assembled a shed, but this in only 2/2.5 hours, with minimal assistance from the director, Keith. After we finished that shed, we headed back to our house for some free time.  During free time we did some swimming, and then went in for dinner. After dinner we played a short volleyball game against the other church group staying at the same complex as us. After playing a volleyball, we went into session. During session we learned about humility and pride. After session we went into small groups. Small groups are a time to debrief and talk about the lesson. Later we played some more games, and the come in to shower and just hung out until we went to bed. Overall, I think today went pretty well, we helped a lot of people, and had fun while doing it.

Day Three



The day started with us struggling to get out of bed, then we had breakfast and did morning session. The first site we went to was the site that we built the shed and the second was Titus 2, a women’s ministry. Keith wasn’t available today so our instructor was John, a man dedicated to the service of others. While  working on the “ruff” John was hammering in screws.  We finished the shed in record time today, an hour and thirty minutes! At the second site we cleaned up the yard, painted, and organized a shed. The woman who runs the ministry, Cathy Bird, was thankful for our help. The hurricane was brutal on the house, it caused flooding and damage to all the exterior walls. When we finished we went to the beach and tried to catch fish. We also invented a game called “low-ball” and it was fun.

John Adams Dowdy IV

I woke up to Jim tugging on my leg trying to pull me out of bed which he did but he didn’t know that teenagers could sleep anywhere. But we all ate breakfast quickly and rushed out the door to work with John, who was at the construction site today. He was Irish. He pushed us to build sheds fast and would have the strongest irish accent. The accent kept confusing us but we pushed through. After lunch we help some women work on a womens home where we painted houses and organized furniture. We all had fun during the day and we all suffer at night with sore necks but it’s all worth it.

Day Four 



Today, we woke up and had breakfast and did a morning session, followed by our TAWGS. Then we jumped in the van and headed to our first construction site. We did not break the world record, but we put together a shed thirty minutes faster than what was so far our fastest time. It was our fifth and final shed that we put together. Afterwards, we went to lunch at a park, and headed to our second site. It was the same women’s home that we worked on yesterday. We painted many things including a shed, a prayer room, and my clothes. Then we went back to where we were staying and went to the beach. Following this, we had dinner, a session, and small groups. We ended the evening by celebrating Hallie’s birthday, so happy birthday to her.


Today we woke up early and ate breakfast. We started our day by going to someone’s house and their house was on a canal. At that house we built a shed and it only took us an hour and fifteen minutes which was 30 minutes sooner than yesterday. After that we went to the park and played a fun game on the playground. After lunch we went to Titus 2 which was a women’s shelter. At Titus 2 we painted a shed and painted a room. After Titus 2 we came home and finished a with going to the beach and eating dinner and celebrating Hallie’s birthday with cake and ice cream.