Mission: Tallahassee

We are excited that you are interested in our middle school Mission Tallahassee that will take place August 3-6 this year. This mission trip is part of our vision of seeing students transformed by the Gospel and then taking the Gospel to the world. We take seriously the Acts 1:8 challenge to be a witness here in Tallahassee. We believe middle school students can live on mission for God!

Take some time to read through the information about the trip. The first thing we would challenge you to do is pray. This isn’t just another student activity, this trip will be challenging physically, emotionally and spiritually. So take some time to pray about it, then talk to your parents and start the application process.

Why Tallahassee & what are we doing? We want to expand the students’ understanding of what missions is. It’s more than just leaving your hometown and serving outside of your community. We can and should always serve those who live around us! We want to shape the hearts of middle school students to have a passion to live their lives on mission for God! We want to cultivate a heart that desires to serve others and we have designed the middle school mission specifically for that purpose. This middle school mission trip is part of our vision of seeing students transformed by the Gospel and then taking the Gospel to the world.

Over the past many years we have built relationships with organizations in the Tallahassee community.  We’ve served the Women’s Pregnancy Center, Dick Howser Center, Hope Community Shelter, Boys Town, Children’s Home Society, Our Father’s Storehouse and even our own church.  And after a hard week serving, we’ll finish up with a celebration with games, pizza and more!

  • What does it cost? $75
  • Who can go? The trip is open to all middle and high school students.  The only other requirement is that you have a desire to serve others!
  • How can parents help? We are looking for host homes! We will most likely need one for the boys and one home for the girls. For more information contact us.

Application Deadline – July 25

Mission Tallahassee is currently full. To be put on a waiting list email andie@wildwoodstudents.com


Mission Tally FAQs

A: We are aware of the potential risks, but we are currently in Phase 2 and following our church's reopening plans which allows gatherings of 50 or less. We are following all county and CDC guidelines and recommendations. Masks will need to be worn indoors (the van, Student Center and places we are serving). Masks will not be required while serving outdoors. Social distancing will be encouraged. Contactless temperature scans will take place before serving each day. Sanitizer and hand washing will be encouraged throughout the day as well. We are asking parents to be responsible in helping keep all the Mission Tally participants health a priority. So, if your student has had any of the following symptoms in the last 21 days: sore throat, cough, chills, body aches for unknown reasons, shortness of breath for unknown reasons, loss of smell, loss of taste, fever at or greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, please don't register for Mission Tally. Likewise, if travel has taken place in the last 14 days and you are unsure of any potential exposure to COVID19, please don't register.
A: We have 3 host homes available for our students to stay by gender/grade. However, if you prefer your student to stay at your home, then they will need to be dropped off and picked up from the Student Center daily. We will provide a schedule for you to follow.
A: We will travel in 15-passenger vans driven by approved leaders. At times our team will be divided to serve in multiple locations.
A: The Mission Tally team will be serving all over our city at many of our partner ministries. We work to include a variety of experiences for serving those in need around our city. Some of the locations will be working indoors with whatever they may need done and some of the locations will be outdoors doing landscaping of some variety.
A: Our host homes will be serving breakfast each morning (Students that stay at their own homes will need to eat breakfast before being dropped off). Lunches will be packed by our food team and travel with us each day to our locations. Dinners will be prepped by our food team and served at the Student Center each evening (except for our pool party night). Appropriate food handling procedures will be followed for all meals. ** If your student(s) has any food allergies, please note on the medical release form and alert a staff member at check-in.
A: We understand that there are circumstances where a student will need to be away from the Mission. At check-in, please fill out a Time Away card so that our staff will know when and to whom to release your student to. We will provide a location to pick them up from and return them to according to the mission trip schedule.