Mission: New Orleans

Attention all upcoming 8th and 9th graders! This summer, we have the opportunity to return to New Orleans! From July 25-August 1, we’ll be going back to continue helping rebuild the city, 10 years after Hurricane Katrina.

We will be partnering with Project Homecoming. Project Homecoming is a faith-based community development organization building resilient neighborhoods in the greater New Orleans area. They are committed to facilitating a culture of care in targeted communities through: safe, durable, affordable and environmentally sensitive construction; community driven partnerships; service and fellowship. Since its inception in April of 2007, Project Homecoming has used its experienced construction management and over 8,000 volunteers to rebuild 120 homes at less than one third the cost charged by contractors. You can find out more about Project Homecoming here.

For the week, you will be doing construction projects, clean up projects, and interacting with the people from the city. What a great opportunity to serve! The week will cost $350-400, which includes all meals except during travel. (We will help you out in learning how to raise support for this trip).

Application Deadline – May 4th

Register for Mission: NOLA here!