Mission: Panama City Beach

Basic Info:

  • Trip Dates: July 28 – August 3
  • Team Availability: 25
  • Cost: $400 – $450


  • Personal letters are the best method to raise support. You can expect an average of $25 per letter, which means you need to mail about 15 letters out.
  • Start saving now! Don’t rely on your letters. Start mowing grass, babysitting, and saving money to go towards the trip.
  • Don’t forget the importance of prayer! Prayer support will be key in our mission together!

Trip Highlights:

  • Disaster Relief: We hope to continue to partner with MNA (Mission to North America) who has been our denomination’s front runner in re-building Panama City Beach after Hurricane Michael devastated the area last fall.
  • Community Organizations: We also hope to have opportunities to serve with various ministries in the Panama City Beach area to provide support, care, resources and encouragement to the community.
  • Housing: We will plan to stay at a local retreat center

Trip Requirements:

  • Completed application due May 1 with $50 deposit
  • Commitment to attend all team meetings
  • A heart to serve the city and others, and an openness to be part of a group that desires to see God work in our hearts.

Mission: PCB Application