Mission: Lineville

Basic Info:

  • Trip Dates: July 19 – 23
  • Team Availability: 25
  • Cost: $300 – $350


  • Personal letters are the best method to raise support. You can expect an average of $25 per letter, which means you need to mail about 15 letters out.
  • Start saving now! Don’t rely on your letters. Start mowing grass, babysitting, and saving money to go towards the trip.
  • Don’t forget the importance of prayer! Prayer support will be key in our mission together!

Trip Highlights:

  • Every day, approximately half of the 7.7 billion people on earth struggle to get food to eat. And yet, every day the world produces the calories to feed 10 billion people. There is enough! But what does that mean? And how can we make sure that everyone has food, water and shelter? This summer, students will have the opportunity to explore these questions through firsthand experiences living in SIFAT’s Global Village and Urban Slum. Students will respond to what they learn in worship, small groups, and serving the community in the Lineville, Alabama area.

Trip Requirements:

  • Completed application due June 28 with $50 deposit and an updated 2020/21 Medical Release Form
  • Commitment to attend all team meetings
  • A heart to serve the city and others, as well as an openness to be part of a group that desires to see God work in our hearts.

Mission: Lineville Application