LHGH Leaders

LHGH Leaders

Teenagers thrive in environments where caring adults are present. Nowhere is this more true than in our Life Hurts, God Heals ministry. We are always looking for healthy adults who are willing to commit to walk alongside hurting teenagers.

This ministry is designed around a small group model that believes healing and restoration happen best life on life and face to face. We are looking for leaders who will not only lead their LHGH group each semester, but also pursue their group members outside of the LHGH gathering.

We are looking for leaders who:

  • love Jesus and are growing in their faith
  • live an "above reproach" lifestyle
  • are great listeners
  • aren't afraid to ask the hard questions
  • can enter in to the hurt and pain of others
  • know their own story and are transparent in sharing
  • committed to prayer

If you have any questions about being a leader in LHGH, please contact Susanne or Todd. And if you're ready to serve as a LHGH leader, then please complete the application process and consider visiting one of our LHGH meetings this semester.

LHGH leader application