For Parents

For Parents

Loneliness can sadly be characteristic many pre-teens and teens even when they are surrounded by family and a multiplicity of friends.  Even in this world of uber-connectedness through social media, it has never been easier to get lost in the crowd.  Here at Wildwood Student Ministries, we know how unbelievably necessary it is for pre-teens and teenagers to be connected to God and connected to others.  Simply put – to know and be known.

But we also realize that there is an ever widening cultural and generational gap that must be addressed.  Oftentimes the parents and adults stand on one side wondering how to reach and relate their children and on the other side stand these pre-teens and teens longing for their parents and other adults to help them navigate the maze of growing up in today’s culture.

We feel our goal here at WSM is to help both parents and students navigate these years dependent on God’s grace and the truth of His Word.  Our goal is to create disciples who can make disciples, but we know that no one has more time and access to do this – let alone the God-given privilege – than parents.  So, please let us know how we can best equip and partner with you to see a generation of pre-teens and teens set on fire Jesus to live the Gospel in word and in deed.

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