Thank you for your interest in our college mission trip to Nicaragua. Our Wildwood Student Ministry has been fortunate to be able to carry on a relationship with the Buzbees & the Open Hearts Mission in Nicaragua over the past ten years. I can summarize the mission trips I’ve been on to Nicaragua simply by saying it was life changing. Seriously. If you haven’t heard me say it already, you will hear me say many times that you need to participate in a domestic or global mission trip before you graduate from college. Something outside our city and local ministry work... something outside your comfort zone. 

Our Student Ministry takes seriously God’s call to take the gospel to the nations and Mission Nicaragua is one of those opportunities. After you read through the application, the first step I would challenge you to do is pray. You ought to sense a pretty clear calling from God for you to participate in this mission. This isn’t just another student activity. The trip is physically, spiritually, emotionally challenging and quite a financial investment. You need to have a good sense that God is leading you to participate. So, take some time to pray, discuss it with your family and friends, and start the application process.

Basic Info:
Trip Dates: December 12-19
Team Availability: 15 Members
Support Raising Goal: $1000



  • Personal letters are the best method to raise support.  You can expect on average $25-$50 per letter, which means you need to mail about 40 letters out.
  • Start saving now! Don't just rely on your letters.  Start mowing grass, babysitting and saving money from your current job to go towards the trip.
  • We may potentially pursue a group fundraising effort again this year.
  • What you are fundraising only covers your flight, transportation, food, and lodging. So as a team, we are looking to raise $3,000 to provide scholarships for the children to go to camp and also the construction project in the community.

Trip Highlights:

  • Nicaragua is the second poorest country in this hemisphere.
  • The Buzbees are native Tallahasseeans who have been serving in Nicaragua for many years.  Our student ministry has partnered with them for the last 10 years.
  • They minister to the poor communities and in the dump- helping with housing, nutrition, and clothing.  They also are pursuing ministry to indigenous tribes in northern Nicaragua.
  • Trip may include visits to the dump & school, multiple churches, the market and a tour day.

Team Objectives:

  • This year we are taking a combo team down for the mission.  Our construction team was the pioneering team and each year we have done construction projects ranging from completing a home, projects at a school to building a home form the ground up.  Our camp team has been leading camps at Camp Alegria, located on Lake Nicaragua.  We will bus children in from a local community to participate in the camp.  The camp can feature Bible stores arts & crafts, music, sports, dance or whatever other talents & abilities God puts on the team!

Trip Requirements:

  • Completed Application with non-refundable $75 deposit
  • Commitment to attend all team meetings.
  • Passport, current shots, medical release form, and be in good medical condition.
  • Most of all a great attitude and heart to serve other and in the process be open to God doing work in you and to give you a heart to see the Gospel go to the Nations!
  • Application Deadline - NOVEMBER 1

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