Q & A- Why? Week 2

Q & A – Why?
2 – Why Don’t I Always Feel God?
9/15/13 (MS)

So we started a brand new series last week called “Why?”  And what we are doing each week is taking one of the larger questions …

::Q & A- Why? Week 1

Q & A – Why?
1 – Why Doesn’t God Seem Fair?

Have you ever asked God, “Why?”  We all have haven’t we?  There are times when life can be so tough or so confusing that all we can …


11 – Strange Visitors
Well I told you we were wrapping up our Aliens series last week, but I guess I lied.  Not on purpose, but God gave me one more message in this series that I believe …

:: Instalife

Week 4: #FollowBack
Okay you guys… we are going to wrap up this Instalife series tonight.  In this series, we’ve talked about how we often judge (or really mis-judge others), we’ve talked about ourselves and how we usually represent… …

:: Bringing Godly Back

Week 5- Dating or waiting? (3/10/13)
We have made it to our final week in our “Bringing Godly Back” series.  And my hope has been that this series has been helpful to you – not just in providing truth from …

:: Not A Fan

11/18/12 – 4: free or costly
I’ll never forget an encounter I had with a friend in high school.  We were having a conversation about faith and I was trying my best to share the Gospel with him. Continue Reading

:: Shine

Shine: someone’s counting on you

10/7/12 – 1: Shine to Friends

So we are starting a new series tonight that I’m calling shine.  It’s what you were created to do with your life.  And I want you to know that …

:: Scars

9/5/12 – Hurt Happens

Tonight we are starting a new series that I’m calling scars.  Scars are something that all of us share in common.  It is a universal principle that at some point in time all of us …

:: Wildlife At the Movies


6/3/12 – Week 1 – Elf

This summer, as you can see, Wildlife is at the Movies.  That’s right, all summer long we are going to take a look and one of the most popular and influential ways that …

:: Pressure

Pressure // by: todd veleber

4/15/12 – Week 1 – Faith Under Pressure

Tonight we are kicking off a new series entitled, “Pressure” and each week we are going to look at a different kind of pressure that you and …