:: Annoy Your Family

How To Annoy your Family

By Jen Stewart

Middle School Series


3/2 – week1 – Making Radical Changes That Will Surprise Everyone

Some of you when you hear the title “How To Annoy Your Parents” think, “I’ve got that …

:: Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl

By: Todd Veleber

High School Series

:: 2/16 – Week 1- God’s Original Design

If you remember, we started off by talking about relationships.  We all have them and some are good and others in our lives …

:: Why Be Normal?

Why Be Normal

By: Todd Veleber

Middle School Series

:: 2/2- Week 1: Right Place, Right Time

We live in a totally sex-saturated society.  You see more sexual images and stories than any previous generation.  Just about anything you type …

:: Shout Without Screaming

How to Shout Without Screaming

by: Jen Stewart

Middle School Series

1/19 – Week 1 – How to Shout Without Screaming

Before we really get into it let me first explain the title of this series- “How to Shout Without

:: God is So

God is So _____

By: Joel Piedt

1/19 – Week1 – Dissonance

Have you ever heard two notes struck simultaneously that just don’t belong together? It’s awful. You want to scream, cringe, shoot the person playing them. We call those …

:: Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa

by: todd veleber

MS & HS Series

1/6- Week 1 – Tabula Rasa

Has there been any time in this last year where you have thought in your life that you need a fresh start?  A do over?  …