:: Mission Tallahassee

Day 1:

We are off and running in our attempts to love and serve our city.  We’ve got a team of just over 20 6th and 7th graders who have really come together during our training leading up to …

:: Mission Nicaragua

 Day 1 – Hey we’ve made it!  Touched down here in Nica and boarded the bus for the Buzbees.  We had an incident free day, ate overpriced airport food and tried to catch a bit of sleep on the planes …

:: Mission Mississippi

Day 2

Today was Day 2 of Mission:Mississippi 2012, but the first day of camp for us here at Hope Hollow. We met about 20 special needs campers today, ranging in age from 4 to 24. I think today …

:: MS Camp

  • Kulaqua- Day 1– Well we have made it. Feels good to be back here at Kulaqua for sure.  Just mentioning it on Facbook earlier evoked a good many responses from former students whose hearts and lives were changes here

:: Wildlife At the Movies


6/3/12 – Week 1 – Elf

This summer, as you can see, Wildlife is at the Movies.  That’s right, all summer long we are going to take a look and one of the most popular and influential ways that …

:: Pressure

Pressure // by: todd veleber

4/15/12 – Week 1 – Faith Under Pressure

Tonight we are kicking off a new series entitled, “Pressure” and each week we are going to look at a different kind of pressure that you and …

:: I Just Want My Pants Back

Click Here to view the questions our middle school students asked during this sermon series.

MS Series// By: Todd Veleber

2/12/12 – Week 1 – God’s Original Design

It’s the month of love… in fact, Valentine’s Day is right …

:: A Call to Prayer

1/18/12 – Week 1 – A Call to Prayer

I told you I would share a bit of what God taught me while on Sabbatical and one of those areas He really pushed in to my heart was regarding my …


ms series//By: Todd Veleber

1/15/12 – Week 1 – It’s Not What You Think

Where do you go when you feel like the gas gauge on your life shows “E”?  Or when your spiritually battery is running low?  If you …

:: Bulls-eye Living

MS Wildlife Series

By: Todd Veleber

1/8/12 – Week 1

Here’s what I know about being an athlete, dancer, being super-smart, being in good shape and the list could go on and on.  It takes a lot of time, energy, …