Life Hurts God Heals 5

Life Hurts… God Heals 5 – Embrace God’s Way
10/30/13 (HS)

My hope has been in this series “Life Hurts, God Heals” that you would be able to identify some of the hurt or pain in your life that you …

Epic Week 4

Epic: Living the Story God is Telling
4 – Happily Ever After
10/27/13 (MS)

This Epic that we are on, this journey of life that we are a part of has been unfolding throughout time, since time began.  It is …

Life Hurts God Heals 4

Life Hurts… God Heals
4 – Honestly Examine and Confess
10/23/13 (HS)

Even though this is a tough topic and series I’ve been very encouraged by your response to it.  I think one of the reasons we’ve had such a …

Epic- Week 3

Epic: Living the Story God is Telling
3 – The Battle for the Heart
10/20/13 (MS)

We know something about our culture and it is this: everyone loves a good story.  Whether it is a great book or a movie, …

Life Hurts God Heals 3

Life Hurts… God Heals
3 – Depend on Christ
10/16/13 (HS)

Let’s get to it tonight.  We’re in week three of our “Life Hurts, God Heals” series and we have said every week that everybody in here, it doesn’t matter …

Life Hurts God Heals 2

Life Hurts… God Heals
2 – Open Your Heart
10/9/13 (HS)

So we started a new series last week called “Life Hurts God Heals” – and what we are trying to do is be honest about the hurt and pain …

Epic- Week 1

Epic: Living the Story God is Telling
1 – The Best Story Ever
10/6/13 (MS)

Everyone loves a good story.  For some that is books, for others it is movies.  But did you realize that right now as I speak …