:: Jonah

Jonah: God’s Mercy is Relentless//HS Series// by: Todd Veleber

10/12/11 – Week 1 – The Jonah in the Mirror

I think most of us have relegated Jonah to being a kid’s story that you hear about in Sunday School, …

:: kNOw Fear

by: Todd Veleber

MS Series

9/11/11 – Week 1 – Good vs. Bad Fear

We talked about how fear is simply a part of life.  God equipped us with it so we would be wise enough to protect ourselves from …

:: Faith Workouts

By: Todd Veleber

HS Series

9/7/11- Week 1 – Gain Through Pain

There is definitely truth to the statement, “No pain, no gain.”  Whether working out to build muscle, training in athletics or even practicing an instrument – the difficulty …

:: Living Green

MS Series

by Jen Stewart


Here’s the deal. We were created in such a way that God intended for us to only find total satisfaction and happiness in Him. God is …

:: Ask Anything

By: Todd Veleber

HS Series

4/13 – Week 1- The Afterlife

So we’ve started this new series called “Ask Anything.”  Basically, I’ve given you the opportunity to shape this series with your questions or topics that interest you.  Tonight’s question …

:: I Am Second

By: Todd Veleber

MS Series

4/13 – Week 1- Colt McCoy

Culture always seems to push us to be number 1, first place and the winner.  And who doesn’t like being first or the winner right?  But what if first …

:: Jesus is why…

Jesus is Why I’m Still a Christian

By: Joel Piedt

High School Series

:: 3/30 – Week 1 – Jesus is Why I’m Still a Christian

There are times in my life when I begin to question whether Christianity has …

:: Do You Trust Me?

Do You Trust Me?

Part 2: Trusting God with your Life and Future

by: todd veleber

“Do you trust me” is a question that we all have to answer many times in life.  But the most important time you will …

:: Annoy Your Family

How To Annoy your Family

By Jen Stewart

Middle School Series


3/2 – week1 – Making Radical Changes That Will Surprise Everyone

Some of you when you hear the title “How To Annoy Your Parents” think, “I’ve got that …

:: Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl

By: Todd Veleber

High School Series

:: 2/16 – Week 1- God’s Original Design

If you remember, we started off by talking about relationships.  We all have them and some are good and others in our lives …