Mission Nola :: Day 6


Mission NOLA :: Day 6

Hi to all who are reading this blog,

It is the last day of NOLA : (. It’s a little sad but it has been a hard week of work from pulling up stumps …

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 12

Well the day we all knew was inevitably coming finally arrived.  Before we even left on mission for Nicaragua we had a session during our training preparing us for our return to the States.  At first, it may not seem …

::Camp Blog

photophotoIt’s been a great week so far! We arrived to camp about 6:30 on Monday after a great day of travel. We had some time to settle into our rooms, explore the campus, play some frisbee continued reading…


::Don’t Waste Your Life

Don’t Waste Your Life
7 – More Precious Than Life
7/24/13 (HS)
I missed being with you guys last week as I was away with our middle school team and students at camp.  It was an awesome week and God …


11 – Strange Visitors
Well I told you we were wrapping up our Aliens series last week, but I guess I lied.  Not on purpose, but God gave me one more message in this series that I believe …

:: Ask Anything

6 – Sharing Faith
It’s hard to believe that the semester is almost over and the summer is almost here.  I know you guys are excited.  Can I challenge you to something tonight?  I want you to finish well …

:: Instalife

Week 4: #FollowBack
Okay you guys… we are going to wrap up this Instalife series tonight.  In this series, we’ve talked about how we often judge (or really mis-judge others), we’ve talked about ourselves and how we usually represent… …

:: Bringing Godly Back

Week 5- Dating or waiting? (3/10/13)
We have made it to our final week in our “Bringing Godly Back” series.  And my hope has been that this series has been helpful to you – not just in providing truth from …

:: Not A Fan

11/18/12 – 4: free or costly
I’ll never forget an encounter I had with a friend in high school.  We were having a conversation about faith and I was trying my best to share the Gospel with him. Continue Reading

:: Shine

Shine: someone’s counting on you

10/7/12 – 1: Shine to Friends

So we are starting a new series tonight that I’m calling shine.  It’s what you were created to do with your life.  And I want you to know that …