Spiritual Nerf Warfare – MS Summer 1


MS Summer 2017
1 – Spiritual Nerf Warfare


 VIDEO: Make War – Piper/Tedashii [4:22]

“A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.  Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil.  For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:10-12

  1. The war is real

“I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate.” Romans 7:15

“It is God who enables us, along with you, to stand firm for Christ. He has commissioned us, and he has identified us as his own by placing the Holy Spirit in our hearts as the first installment that guarantees everything he has promised us.”  2 Corinthians 1:21-22

“The sinful nature wants to do evil, which is just the opposite of what the Spirit wants. And the Spirit gives us desires that are the opposite of what the sinful nature desires. These two forces are constantly fighting each other, so you are not free to carry out your good intentions.”  Galatians 5:17

“I have fought the good fight.  I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.” 2 Timothy 4:7

2.  The enemy is powerful

“The great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.”  Revelation 12:9

·       God rules over Satan

“Now is the judgment of this world; now will the ruler of this world be cast out.” John 12:31

“The Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind, and bestows it on whom he wishes.” Daniel 4:17

“The Lord nullifies the counsel of the nations; he frustrates the plans of the peoples. The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart from generation to generation.” Psalm 33:10

·       Satan must obey Jesus

“He commands even the unclean spirits, and they obey Him.”  Mark 1:27

·       Satan desires to cause suffering

“Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world”  1 Peter 5:8-9

“It is better, if God should will it so, that you suffer for doing what is right rather than for doing what is wrong.”  1 Peter 3:17

“prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

3.  The weapons are provided

“Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm. Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness. For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.  In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil. Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.” Ephesians 6:13-18

Discussion Q’s:

  •  Who do you think we as believers need to stand our ground against? Who besides Satan is our enemy?
  • Do you believe that you are prepared to stand firm in your faith?
  • What areas of the armor do you need to better understand? How can the “armor” be real in your life?
  • Do you think that if you were faced with opposition you could stand firm?
  • How can you take what you learned tonight and apply it to your life this week?