:: Mission Nicaragua

 Day 1 – Hey we’ve made it!  Touched down here in Nica and boarded the bus for the Buzbees.  We had an incident free day, ate overpriced airport food and tried to catch a bit of sleep on the planes since most of us have been up since 5:30am.
But we’ve settled in and are really excited about what God has in store for us on this mission.  Each mission and each team is so unique and I was reflecting on the fact that this is the 10th mission team (I think… old age memory loss is setting in) that I’ve lead down here. Continue Reading

Day 2 – Our first full day is now nearing completion.  As I sit up here on the third view looking out into the darkness, a cool breeze envelops me (even though my legs are burning with my laptop on them) and it is a gentle reminder of God’s presence that has been all around us so far this mission.  I’ve been leading our team time at night through a study on having an intimate relationship with God – really learning to listen, follow and walk with Him. Continue Reading

Day 3 – We feel a bit like pioneers as we have successfully completed our first day doing camp at the Ruby Ranch.  It is our hope and prayer and many more camps will follow as the dreams and vision of the Buzbees for the Ruby Ranch comes to fruition.  It is such a beautiful piece of property and even the basics – shaded tree areas, a playground with two trampolines and a large field made for a great day camp. Continue Reading

Day 4 – It is so funny how you learn to just roll with things down here.  I am the director of a large camp in the States that takes an amazing team to facilitate the 300+ high students that attend.  We have a budget and a schedule and we stick to both.  However, here in Nica it’s a different story… Continue Reading

Day 5 – It was our last full day of camp today out at the RR.  I have really been amazed at how flexible and creative our team has been, how responsive the Parcelas kids have been, how much fun we’ve had, how the Spirit has been at work and the list could go on and on.  It is so easy for me to see the vision for the RR after spending time out there in December and now being the pioneering camp team for the RR this year. Continue Reading

Day 6 – I love Sundays.  It did feel a bit weird being away from the “routine” of Sundays and all the responsibilities that entails for me in the States.  But for our team to load up the bus, grab some kids from the neighborhood along the way and then file in to Verbo Church was a great experience for us.  It was good to be the minority.  Good to be the visitors.  Good to be stretched beyond what most of us are used to in a worship service. Continue Reading

Day 7 – There is just something about just standing with your feet in the ocean, looking out to the horizon and hearing the powerful waves crashing all around.  As Scripture tells us, the wonder and majesty of creation just cries out worship to our Creator God.  For our last official day of camp, we took the Parcelas kids to the beach. Continue Reading

Day 8 – Today was a day of flexibility and surprises.  We left prepared to continue building on Manuel’s house, but arrived to find there wasn’t any work really that we could do.  Our two Nica builders were doing some of the skilled labor of cutting and framing in the top part of the structure. Continue Reading

Day 9 –  Wow.  Day 9.  It’s hard to believe in some ways, but we are also feeling a bit of the time crunch in other ways.  We really want to get this house finished and dedicated before we have to leave.  The family has been so amazing to work alongside us and encourage us along the way.  Always being the adventurous type, I pretty much try every food they bring out for us to sample.  So far so good.  However, we have a few on the team feeling under the weather or dealing with some upset stomachs (not for that reason) so please pray for them! Continue Reading

Day 10 – Goodbyes are hard.  Good thing they are temporary.  We weren’t created to say goodbye and I long for the day that we won’t have to say them again.  It’s crazy to think that in just a short time you can build friendships that will last for eternity.  Even if we never see our friends here in Nicaragua again, we know that will we see those we are united to by the Gospel again one day.  And what a day that will be! Continue Reading

Day 11 – There is power in prayer.  Seems like a gross understatement. However, I would imagine most Christians would hardly describe their prayer life as powerful.  On this mission, not only have we talked each night about an intimate, conversational relationship with God, but we’ve also worked hard to put it into practice.  By God’s grace, many on our team have begun to experience this kind of relationship and many for the first time.  One key area this has manifested itself has been through prayer.  I’ve been so encouraged watching this growth of prayer take place both individually and corporately. Continue Reading